first wage still not there-that bugs

Hello, actually should be paid my wages gentle january, iwie you have forgotten me, the team Head of it has passed the chef, that was a week ago, I got still nothing ... what should I do? nervt mich..nur because I'm just only a aushilfe, it is not that they may forget my rewarding cash :(

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what does it say rewarding in your contract on the subject?

http: // ...

Mh that's annoying !!! Yes so a referral takes indeed as 2-4 days. But when it comes to mid-week is not there to ask again. You must indeed pay your rent. Is this already repeatedly occurred? Do colleagues have the same problem?

During my student days I remembered that in a part-time job happens sometimes. The personnel department and the payroll not seem to be really fast in some companies. In this case, insist on an urgent transfer. At best, you're wearing your concerns before today.


Maybe you can your boss pay an advance bar ?? tell him that you need the money and you may pay bill müstes.

Question costs nothing or ??

Best regards

Are you sure that does not come your wages to 15th of the month?

Remember, you should in minus slip (checking account) due to the wage later arrives and as invoices are abgebuchen, cost you incur characterized as interest, Abbmahnugnen, you can possibly count the coming up for your boss.

Yes ever talked with your boss?

Kære him friendly, and let you cost pay as contract phone etc ...

where is the problem? go to the boss and you're done. this is a disgrace, the gun pressing on his chest!

Just call at times even in the accounts of the company.

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