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Hello my dears,

my son wants with his friend and their parents fly to Majorca in autumn. However, the flights, which his parents fly are already booked. Does he have to fly alone, I think 15 he get the point!

Now I'm looking for flights, but only find junk - so no direct flights, long transfer times and departure and return flight times, which are not in our favor.

Can it be that there is already nothing gescheitetes more now, or is it just too early and I should wait? Most of all rights and the acceptable price. Even with Ryanair there is no longer for everyday flights. I think that's kind of weird!

Has jeman experience, idea?

Thank you!

The best answer

Mmm. That is quite strange. How and where did you look for one? Seeking most flights then any Internet search engines such as. or Additionally you could always find the best flight the moment would be possible. You can indeed be otherwise ask again at the travel agency, what it could be that you could not find the right flight or when the best time to book would be.

Hello Morama,
Flights should eig.sogar be still available :)
In what period it supposed to go to the island and from which airport? I'll even fly (from October) and ev.könnte you make (depending on the airport) to 2 on the way, so far as I travel alone.

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