fly truffle of Turkish Airport to Germany - legal?

Hello! Quick Question: Is it permissible from Turkey with a suitcase with about 5-20 kg real truffle mushrooms in the main luggage to DE to fly. Or send to Cargo? Should there be odor neutral packing?

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No matter how you want to import of components you should necessarily BEFORE deal with the customs regulations or add directly to the Customs contact, because otherwise it can quickly lead to nasty surprises upon arrival.

I'm not even sure if you are allowed to introduce into the crowd at all the.

Imports of genuine truffle mushrooms is forbidden in Germany, since it is protected plants. Stem the mushrooms from a farm or agricultural production is allowed. So necessarily carry a certificate of origin.

Turkish truffles are traded at about 3,500 Eur / kg. In your case, therefore, is no longer a private consumption but to trade goods worth 70,000 euros. At least the MW St amounting to 7% = 4,900 euro would be immediately payable at the airport. My advice therefore initially prior to travel Customs preliminary inquiry with form no. 0310 of the customs authority should be sent to the customs.

you can google prima under customs import requirements

Without that now to look at the side of duty by up, I would say at attention: NO! Especially not without having to pay duty, and should be juicy with truffles.

Depending on the variety of the price per kilo is 200 to 3,000 euros ...

Turn away directly to Customs for this question.

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