folds with the dog?

So I wanted to put me in the near future, perhaps a dog but I'm not sure if it works. Four comes from the animal shelter. they say it is small and can sometimes stay alone. Is 4-5 years old. I go nochzur sSchule and my mother is working. That is the dog takes two times to be alone in the week of 7- 16 o'clock. Is the? We have a large apartment and if that does not work what can I do? And how do you do that if you since at school? Thank you :)

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In the beginning certainly not leave you alone for so long. The dog has to get used to you and if you let him alone from the beginning he never takes a bond to you. And later I would really reduce only to the minimum. So I would not suggest that you. A dog needs a lot of care and love.

That does not work with a dog that can never long remain alone. The needs but also go for a walk, otherwise he does anywhere or plucked you the apartment or barks bzw.jault then. Renunciations rather because dogs need a lot of attention, just dan if they come from a shelter.

So it is stupid for the dog to be alone but it is now no drama my dog ​​has it survived and there were no problems. Moreover, the dog is already old enough as long as you you if you at home more than normal care of him, I think it works good luck :)

So when we got our dog, we could never leave her alone, but that was something else, because the animal protection has not told us that she was pregnant. but I think if simply a neighbor or so days to 2 after few hours dog goes with the out, would that work, 2 times a week, we are all from out 7-15 clock, the morning a go walkies in the time where we are going away our neighbor and mostly still his wife, and when we are again one of us, so why not here? at the beginning vllt not first directly so that he can build a relation to you! :))

"Time alone remain" and must be of 7-16uhr alone is a big difference!

already a normal schultg (6hrs) is far too long for the dog moisten - since it needs a parent who is at home or a pet sitter.

Please think about it, you're faster than you think with the school and during ferig are the education and then in the occupation or the stage much longer than now gone.

I hardly believe that you are the shelter for the dog when the 9 hours to remain alone.

9 hours is too long before all when that occurs rgelmäßig week. Vorallen you will not always stay in school. You make sometime training.

When my first dog came, I was sick and did not start until six months later trained at. In the time I could my dog ​​bring in the coarsest. My mother was working only 3-4 hours and my father works in layers. The dog was on top eig never long alone. Maximum 1 hour.

When my dog ​​came I was in year 2. Training. But my mother was able to freely take a longer time to practice with the dog.

If you want a dog then only with a Huta or a sitter.

Have you ever thought that you have sometimes a job or study?

He is not only 2 times the Week 9 hours alone but 5 days per week.

By bringing in the summer holidays which is nothing, even if the dog can stay alone, he needs the first time supervision to feel secure in his new life ... that one does not times quickly during the holidays. Even if you had longer vacations or holidays, there still remains the problem consist, it must be nine hours alone, there is it whether it is a week 2x or 1x.

If your Mam the dog can not take in the work that will be nothing.

the dog would twice be alone in the week of 7- 16 o'clock. Is the?

no do not go! The dog would whine all day and bark and after a short time must be issued again.

9 hrs. To be alone, would be an unacceptable condition for any dog!

Incidentally, a dog you can only get when you're old enough!

7 to 16 o'clock? Look, these are 9 hours. That's a No.

Maximum 4-5 hours.

Then you have to visit you a sitter for the remaining time, or enter it into a boarding kennel for the period.

I no longer go to school for several years and have me (before I adopted a dog) wanted a job in which I can take it. Accordingly, it is every day in my office, or passes through the Company Garden (at the Schleppi). During the lunch break we go out.

So the following options do you have:

  • Sitter
  • pension
  • Known
  • Mother takes him to work
  • Mother asks for Home Office (goes in certain jobs)
  • Your get yourself a dog

So at the beginning you should not let the dog alone for so long, thus he gets no proper respect to you.

In the early days definitely no. Only later, when you can rely on the dog, you can leave him alone. But with so little time, one should generally bring no dog, unless you still goes daily walkies or deals with them. What breed is he?

How do you imagine that ?! That does not work. The dog can not be left alone so long. You've got no time for him!

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