Food wanted (Alphabet)

Hey, I'm looking for as many foods by letter ordered. Would be glad if you respond as quickly as possible ?? Thank EmmaNya

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Avocado, bread, camembert, steamed dumplings, strawberries, meatballs, cucumber, honey, meats, yogurt, cheese, leeks, melons, nuts, Obatzda, peppers, cheese, rice, salsify, tomatoes, Hungarian goulash, whole wheat bread, cabbage, -, - , Plum Sheet Cake

I ginger

O fruit salad

U Hungarian Salami

Y Yogi Tea

Z lemon

Alphabet soup ...

You can order the parts but himself! :)

- Artichoke

- Bamboo shoots

- Cevapcici

- Datteln

- Emmentaler

- Falafel

- Gnocchi

- porridge

- ginger

- Carob

- kumquats

- licorice

- Marshmallow

- Nacho

- Okra

- Grapefruit

- Quittengelee

- Remoulade

- salami

- Tatar

- Ueberaschungsei)

- Vinaigrette

- waffle

- Xenia

- Yakitori

- Zabaglione

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