foolishly SUBSCRIPTION completed for two years, what to do?

Hei So I have a subscription finished, which lasts for two years, with DVD and More .Naja it has begun so that you could win a trip, so a lottery, a few weeks after I was called and I was told I won .I was so happy I won a trip for two to Europe and where you can choose breaks forth. I always wanted to get away so I thought it was great and was happy but then the guy has so much talk and told me I would have to enter the coupon had to get a member of DVD & MORE his and per quarter to 50 euros order .He me many great products promised in the online shop. So I have the contract connected, because it has everything belongs super .I got the travel voucher and yes, however, it has happened recently that we really stuck currently in a financial crisis and I did not so much money ..Außerdem is online shop by actually should be a lot of cool products really a joke, there is nothing at all, not even 2 pages of CDs, no choice, old movies and DVD's will that none have ... I regret it just yet , now I have for 2 years for nothing I pay now must indeed ordered per quarter to 50 euros, but since in the shop are only Mi ++ t ..I have tried to terminate the contract, but it's not just contract Treaty: ((.I know I am to blame ..But I really do not know to what I do now .Bin 19th

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and if one has not been invoked but was lured in a mall? Under false pretenses? Under the motto DVD free etc? My daughter what happened. Unfortunately, she was so naive and has signed and account information angegeben.Ich find that are baited and laid bert under all such young people. Now you sitting in the subscription trap and can every 3 months over 50 euros to pay for DVDs which one neither knows nor wants !!!! Unfortunately she shame that showed us too late so that a withdrawal was no longer possible in the specified Frist.Da the Small but still in the training and hardly deserves what hew over 50 Euro powerful rein.Ich'm going to try everything and fight it, first, the direct debit is stopped and seek emergency lawyer and tv. Act and Star TV happy about something.

Hello Unfortunately I fell also plan last year came, the had with ner Free DVD and it also has very good sounded with DVD order but unfortunately I have not properly respected it in small fonts I a two year contract so eingehe I would have known that are so bescheisser and especially not even DVDs have the man would prefer to order. I just say let the contract expire and pay the best nix then come to the anterior but if ye have letter in his hand then you can thus go to the court office and request a legal aid with a lawyer and try to pay her not so much as long as you do not works full time .then you can you get a lawyer of choice and against the cheater breasting Yours sincerely Joachim Lowe

Unfortunately, the previous answers are obviously false information that can help such con men in their fraud.

Telephone Contracts of this type are usually poor and for the "provider" unprovable (recordings are illegal!). In fraudulently profit announcements "contracts" there are times their own rules. Furthermore, it has a right of withdrawal, the 14 days shall apply from receipt of the revocation. The must be significantly improved; a hook in Conditions and certainly a phone call is not enough for it!

Look here by:\_abgeschlossene\_Vertr%C3%A4ge#Kann\_... .C3.BCberhaupt_am_Telefon_einen_wirksamen_Vertrag_abschlie.C3.9Fen.3F

Just take any documents with a consumer advice, and examine let whether you possibly get out of that right or an avoidance for deceit from the contract. The consumer advice is based on a letter for you.

The only thing you can do is to terminate the contract at a specified time. Until then, you have to unfortunately pay yet. Well but learn from our mistakes. Nowadays you get from any "company" paid nothing, who simply want to do with it profitably.

Time timely notice and pay hitherto normally.

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