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Hi, I'm 14 years old and would like to call my hobby football coach: D So my question (before now clever berger come to the site from Bremer Football Association, only the licenses nothing else!) Can already be coach with 14 football? So a hobby as children wait: D Can go to a club, I simply and ask if you need a coach or you needed before licenses? If yes, which? Thanks for your answers Mfg Lukas

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To become a football coach in the youth field you need usually no licenses. However, you need experience and I do not think you 14 someone would have to train a team, if you have no coaching license and to also not verfügst about any footballing experience. I would like to register your place in the team and make on the club coach tickets. It may be that many clubs offer the only from the age of 16 years, because you have me simply inquire times. I wish you success! :-)

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