For a short time to change schools, does it work?

My daughter lives with her mother. The must go for a few weeks in hospital treatment. Our two residences are too far apart for my daughter at this time with me but lives in their school goes (That would be 2.5 hours by public transport, one way, I have no car). Could my daughter for this time at the place to go to school with me?

Does anyone know a similar case?

Many thanks to all the answers

The best answer

Legally this is quite possible. School organizational terms but not always enforce, because not always a place in the whoosh school is free and also the Untrrichtsstoff may be distributed differently over the school year as in the school of origin, to tear the child from its familiar surroundings and in another class is also not an optimal solution , Is there the place of origin to any person who can take care of the child?

A short-term retraining is only possible if you make an arrangement specifically with the schools and seek time for a school place.

If the solllte not work, you can contact the youth welfare office and apply for a short-term foster family for the child. Although is also not the best solution but an option.

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