For a year the same dream ..?

2 years ago there was a time, in about 8 guys every day have said this sentence to me to 'Kill yourself. This is the best for all. ' For no reason, just like that. Logically, it then went to me very badly. For about a year I dream every night almost the same. There is always this sentence. Just in different situations. That is why I most nights just about 4-5 hours sleep .. why I have next week also an appointment with the psychologist. but I just do not know what to do. I no longer think of this sentence. And a psychologist can surely hardly what to change in my dreams. Now to my question: What can it have for reasons that suddenly comes up a year ago and followed me to this day? Are there ways to fix this by myself?

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If you dream of it now, you have probably previously displaced the problem. The dream has you back out. What did these guys is cycling not bullying. It is good that you have an appointment with the psychologist, who you certainly can help. Just by constantly lack of sleep can even lead to diseases. You are unique, and you have a right to a happy life. I wish you all the love and let yourself from so a few brainless guys do not pull down.

Your subconscious has the situation apparently not been processed ... talk with the psychologist about your experiences, trying to work up the best you can. Then hopefully it will be better :)

The subconscious can not directly actively influence logically.

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