For me, the Anti-Virus CD does not start Kaspersky Rescue Disc 10 Emergency CD, urgently brauce help!

Hi, got my PC formatted, but is still sau slow. Then I downloaded the Avira program that run through a system run, but found nothing after 1 1/2 hours.. Funny! Have already tried 5 times my Kaspersky Rescue Disc 10 Emergency CD to start, but simply does not work. Can you help me please? So, I put the CD in, press to reboot, press F12, a selection is: I boot from the CD, have 2 options: Start graphics mode and start the text mode, I press graphics mode screen'd black or many characters. That's even normal, accepting only comes not with what I go through the program for viruses. And the same is also when I start the text mode. Need help!. Even if I press at the black screen comes Enter nix

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The Kapersky Rescue CD has a problem with some graphics cards, so the screen remains black or nonsensical characters. Try to start in text mode.

Since you've already hosts formatted've checked with Avira why again with Kaspersky? See in no sense, especially since the computer just does not have the virus. The reason why it is so slow, lies elsewhere.

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