For Sims 4?

If for Sims 4 soon something like Supernatural come out, so with werewolves, vampires, witches, etc. come out?

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Hello! :)

They know that, of course not, since first of all the expansion pack will be released "Back to work". And even that is not yet been so long.

Typically expansion pack will be announced about 3-6 months in advance in section and appear every 6-10 months, I would say. Was at least so far that way. Whether 4 again reveals a "pattern" or scheme at Sims? The white far only the sky! : D

Anyway, you can expect that the next add-on to "get to work" at the earliest in late summer, will therefore, appear towards the end of the year. Who knows - maybe even something like Supernatural ...;) Here was something in the way that is angedeutet/gemunkelt:

LG Wunderkerze2012

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