For weeks itchy scalp do what?

have been around for several weeks an itchy scalp wash despite daily hair, already different. shampoos have tested, but it does not stop.

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Hello christian kuhn,

we can very well understand that bothers the itching that.

The trigger for itching there are many different causes that may come into question in your case. Often itching can be the sign of dandruff and lost its balance scalp. There are also other causes, such as psoriasis or less well-known diseases. For all these and other diseases, there are various treatments. From a distance, it is of course difficult to say what causes triggers the itching with you.

But first I would suggest you to use a mild and pH skin neutral anti-dandruff shampoo, which responds to the needs of your scalp.

User amlpretty has also already mentioned: (@amlpretty: thanks for the recommendation!) Especially for itching we have a suitable range of shampoos for head & shoulders. We even developed a new product line, the INSTANT Soothing Scalp Care Collection. The shampoo contains the active ingredient zinc pyrithione and fights dandruff, while the matching Tonic ensures at itching for immediate relief, in which it pleasantly cools your scalp with peppermint and menthol and moisturizing.

In addition to a mild shampoo you can also write a few other tips and tricks in your daily life to integrate in order to strengthen your scalp: Nourish yourself most vitamin rich and balanced, because an unbalanced diet can also affect an irritated scalp. In addition, you should make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly so that no shampoo or styling residue left in the hair. Best spülst it out with lukewarm water and not föhnst it at the highest temperature since this is stress on your scalp.

Should you by a regular and permanent use of shampoos not notice any improvement, I would suggest you to consult a dermatologist. This can clarify the other causes and determine a course of treatment with you.

Best wishes

Jan vom head & shoulders Team

Hello, it may be that you have a very sensitive scalp and one of the shampoos was too spicy. Now, if you continue every day washes the hair, then the skin can not soothe. I would try a baby shampoo and expose times a day or two with the hair washing. If it is not better then I would go once to the dermatologist.

Not a day wash your hair !!! Otherwise, a shampoo Head & Shoulders Extra against itchy scalp. Is mega great!

Often it is because of too frequent shampooing or blow drying hot. Just as well, there may be another cause, therefore'll go to the dermatologist.

A dermatologist can help you.

Vllt lice or so?

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