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Before you consult a doctor about halonierter eyes, you should Themselves "treat". If lack of sleep is the reason for the dark circles, then sleep like times of neat. For external use, you can personalize (End of cucumber slices, cottage cheese extracts, tea bags (for example with chamomile or black tea) and cold compresses, Ayuverda) rely on various home remedies. If you still want to see a doctor Your family doctor should be the first port of call. Wishing you all the best!

Circles around the eyes are genetically predisposed or come mostly from lack of sleep and / or nicotine and / or alcohol - and if you drink enough (water). but in some cases they can also be an indication of iron deficiency or kidney disease. If you want to be absolutely sure, you could to even ask your family doctor. He can decide whether he would therefore like you to refer to another specialist.

If the eyes are swollen, help compresses cold black tea or cold milk. This reduces swelling. You can also place two spoons in the refrigerator and place these with a thin handkerchief between them for cooling to the eyes. Even chilled cucumber slices achieve this purpose in a pleasant way.

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only sleeping, as little stress and also make-up help

eye rings are usually inherited, there is nothing to arouse

Do you get enough sleep?

You have to go to bed.

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