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I hope you can help me and am now grateful about every tip you can give to me .. so I did that very first time forget my pill. There is a 28 day pill and you take them always. Now I have a day 24 Missing a pill (I only noticed the next day) and had the same day but sexual intercourse with my boyfriend. In the leaflet is that you should start right away with the new package and to prevent additional 9 days. Now us this morning but a stupid mistake happened and we have each other - slept and both have not thought about the pill - without additional prevention. Today is only day 6 of 9 and now I'm afraid that I can get pregnant .. What do I do best? Shall I fetch my morning-after pill or it is so safe? Mir is something never happened and I'm just pretty on spin ..

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The best answer

I join Evita88. In leaflet which is even very well explained:

If you forgot 1 tablet between the 18th to 24th day of administration Take no further tablets the opened package more one but start simultaneously with the first tablet of a new pack Qlaira. During the next 9 days is non-hormonal contraceptive method is also applied (except for the calendar method according to Knaus-Ogino and the temperature method).

have each other - slept - without additional prevention

  • Because you are not protected, because even only the 6th day and you mind shalt take 9 to be re-protected, you should get the morning after pill. Pregnancy can not be excluded.

Well, when is in the package insert that you should prevent 9 days, then stands there for a reason so there.

You could have the morning after pill probably already have to get, as you on the 24th day of administration forgot the pill, because you were there then also no longer protected to the full extent.

It is best probably, you turn quickly to (d) a woman doctor to assess whether the morning after pill at all makes sense, as you're probably already received on the 24th Pillentag the risk of pregnancy.

Alternatively, you can go directly to a first aid kit and leave you there to advise whether emergency contraception in your case at all is useful or not even today. The pharmacists have access to all technical information and can you the effect certainly as good advice.

A call to the hotline of the manufacturer can help, provided that the hotline is open on Sundays.


Addendum: Tuesday I started with the new packaging since Thursday I have irregular bleeding, thought that would be over for now but now they have started again. With the pill, I no longer get really my day and I take them now .. for 3 months

Get the best morning-after pill. Because it can give you a 100 percent no response.

That's just a drawback of this multi-phase pills. Why do you get?

If you do not want to become pregnant, you should of course immediately take the morning after pill.

If you do not want to become pregnant you should start with the pills to the gynecologist you trust go

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