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Why is Formula 1 with us is no longer as popular in Germany because fewer and fewer people go to the races at the Hockenheimring? Instead, go to other countries as out so many. Has the motorsport madness in Germany dreamed?

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Motorsport in Germany is still very popular. However, there are now so many live events that Motorsport characterized naturally gets a lot of competition.

It is also true that the big idols missing. Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg are successful but do not yet have such a big fanbase as Michael Schumacher earlier.

Elsewhere Motorsport is often no more or less popular than in Germany, but there is less competition events. In countries like Malaysia, the Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​one of the few, if not the only large international event. Is then clear that as more people come, because that's for the then yet more special.

I think that a number of reasons

  1. an Ecclestone seems to suffer from dementia when he raushaut insane proposals to Verschlimmbesserung
  2. a technical regulation which freedoms still further restricts and sometimes even prevent development (see still the old V8 engines)
  3. Image loss through small perceived as unworthy engines
  4. moreover is perceived as unworthy tendency to save fuel
  5. wrong action to restore the voltage (eg DRS)
  6. unaesthetic Formula 1 cars.

I personally let lack of stress due to not apply to a few overtaking maneuvers. Since the introduction of DRS there were so many of them than ever.

Personally, I find that the formula 1 lacks the technical variety. There used with V8, V10, V12, turbo and suction a broad technology palette. I think you should be much more freedom there, and say: we give you 100kg of fuel and 150 million maximum, look at what you come up.

Given me wärs very fond of the Fronflügel shrink to remove the standardized centerpiece and make the rear wing back deeper and wider. Perhaps even wider tires. Then I would at least be happy again.

Formula 1, that's the vacuum cleaner race. Or?

.... Check it MotoGP ...

It lacks the big idols that everyone knows, like eg Schumacher. In addition, the tickets are expensive pigs. Eclestone requires yes prices as a crazy, just so the gp is discharged at the trackside. This must be balanced with the tickets

WHO has since watching necessarily people who constantly go in circles? I think it's just boring, might see the other people as well?

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