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Hi folks I see yesterday rumstreunern a dog without collar. He is to come to me and was very fond listened to seat and then I waited but no one came. So I grabbed the dog in my car and drove to the shelter because I leave the dog and told them that I have the found. The dog had no chip and also nothing where you could verfollgen the master back. What happens to the dog if no one picks him? He is then simply passed? and if so what point after which time? I found the dog so great he has so Brav listened to me and did what I told him seemed to be probably a Trained Dog

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Hello, if after a certain time no one comes and the dog picks up, it will be released for transfer. How long is this period of time, I unfortunately do not know, as this is handled by the shelter to shelter otherwise (I know Shelters that mediate past 2 weeks, others after one week, probably also depends on how full the shelter is). But you can in the shelter where you leave the dog ask. You can also ask if you might in the meantime, the dog allowed to run and possibly let you mark for mediation.

usually the dog is released to other people, if he does not answer old besistzer after 6 weeks.

if you are interested in helping him, let thee from tierhiem register as interessent ...

I'm assuming that you have also given to the police communication that you have spent a dog to the shelter ???

If dog owners miss their four-legged friends, they call that is very fast to the police and report him missing ...

Otherwise you can leave your questions but all questions at the shelter times - you leave the dog there and shalt diligently just out of interest for the dog.

alternate but this time to ask the animal shelter. which can give you about certainly informative.

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