free bring to Germany dog ​​from abroad

Hello, people I would like to bring my dog ​​from abroad (Turkey) over here to Germany. What all do it and pay I need because my grandparents just to take care of him and I fly this summer go there I want him here ... bring mfG

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You're 14! Then that is nothing, except your parents ensure that the dog comes to Germany.

What should he as in densely populated Germany? You did not have time as a student, an intern and later an apprentice. He probably comes from a completely different culture and climate and is here sad and sick. He is concerned but great grandparents, so let him live his life.

As the age of 14 you were allowed not even carry it. And a list or list dog dog crossbreed sometimes not. The dogs laws of (most) federal states are strict and non-compliance threatens the dog in seizure an end at the shelter .....

On the one hand you have the rules emigrate note from Turkey, on the other hand you have to observe the entrance regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany. This you can see under www customs de ...

The dog must be registered with the Transport used by you ... Airline Tickets cost course ... All you need is a Flugbox which comply with the airline must ...

Should there be a Kangal, I can tell you: Forget your request the dog to Germany to bring very quickly !!!

It is a) banned the dog from Turkey perform and b) you will not get the dog in Germany introduced ...

So easy and fast will not do. There are rules that must be adhered to. Vaccinations etc. Ask the vet and duty to. Or google

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