Free Minecraft Server rent, no Hamachi etc.?!

Hey Community,

I wanted to ask if jmd. A website knows where you can free rent a Minecraft server. Certain sites, like Aternos I already know and I find the principle of such sites really good! Does jmd. More of such sites? Moreover, I do not mean Hamachi etc.! Thanks in advance, Pierdolie

. Ps Please no answers like: "Are you stupid ?! Why should jmd offer free server." Thank you! ;)

The best answer

Free and rent excludes itself - is not there ...

Free has meisst what to do with sponsors, or with advertising.

What you can do is you put your own server - no one needs to Hamachi, so do not be vergaukeln ...

Just download and start server.jar - already running your server ...

Port forwarding and he is already publicly distribute to friends and already he is known)

I wish you success

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