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Hello everybody

It is somewhat entangled. But I hope someone can help me anyway.

I've started a job in January. A freelancer contract signed. It is not a company but an association. Now, I want to announce. I sent last Friday a notice via SMS. And today a written comment. And by telephone also. I can no longer work there. It is unreasonable. He does not accept now but my dismissal. What should I do here? If the contract is actually legal because there is nowhere the OR / ZGB mentioned. The% not specified for the job well. And the contractor is an association.

Do you have an idea?

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A freelancer is free because he can do and let what he wants. It can therefore accept a job. But must - unless otherwise agreed - accept no orders.

If the contract does not notice, then there is no notice period for both sides.

a notice via sms you do not have well accept.

I hope you have evidence that you uhst emit notice in writing or even better would be a signature, one has except it, they.

Do you have an idea?

I would sometimes watch me the notice periods in the contract

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