French Bulldog (dog) grabs everything gets dropped


Our "puppy" (now 4 months old) grabs everything falls down on the ground. Be it food or div. Other things. The food is, of course, immediately swallowed. So fast you can look not at all, because it is always attentive and is staying with us. Correct has so far brought nothing.

I just fear that us something falls down, which is poisonous to them. For example, rat poison or whatever.

Do you have tips on how to get something under control?

Thank LG

The best answer

It is easy to practice. For this purpose choose a quiet place. Take a few treats and sit down with your dog on the ground. Show him the treats and put one directly in front of the dog. Will your dog to go Leckerlie. Instant Hand strikes, important is you have your dog no effort to come to Leckerlie fast as your dog be :-) power, you praise him and show a finger on it and give your command to release the treats of my is "take" The practice first as long until your dog reliably 30-60 seconds by holding. Then you can increase it where you hinstellst you and lets one flop to the floor. Even as careful you have fast as the dog be. Will your dog to treat, quickly walking over it, please do not contact the dog. Call to practice simple impulse control. That you can practice outdoors also great with toys. But only if it works in sexy free environment. Have fun practicing :-)

First of all it should be routine that your dog constantly is not with you, but to command and of itself to a fixed place goes (blanket, basket ..) to a kind. Then you should put a Abschreckstrategie cope, for example, a spray bottle with water in it, a set of keys or the like. Every time she snaps for something, her sprayed with a spray bottle or rattles with the key. Den you can also in their direction, but do not throw them.

Good day JessMon,

Your dog is now quite curious and discovery in need in those first months. This applies just all puppies.

My tip: You should all the food put away well, so that your dog does not zoom is only there. The best would be if you shut your door to the kitchen, so he can not get to the food.

Then I wish you much fun with your dog and fits well on him.



scold the dog out and then maybe throw out of the room but otherwise you have to be careful is just a normal reflex which every dog ​​has


that us something falls down, which is poisonous to them. For example, rat poison or whatever.

LIKE RIGHT NOW??? ... When you fall sometimes rat poison from the table ???

Your dog has nevertheless already learned a lot and you have practiced well ... Now then come up yet, "Give out"

And this "command" to be quiet taught with something sharper tone - GIB OFF! can sometimes quite quickly become life-saving.

Practicing can you drop something harmless from the table with "Change" ... Let the dog snapped it off at the same moment ... coming from you: GIB OFF! and you offer a very special treat for exchange ...

That you get back !!!

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