French: Singular / plural of water?

Hello, when and how to use the French words for water:

  • Eau (singular)
  • Eaux (plurality)

And where there is the difference?

The best answer

Even from such a banal phrase like "Eau minérale" can form a plural, if you think of each variety.

http: // ...

There are "les eaux" for example. If you speak in a sophisticated language of floods. When a pregnant woman loses the amniotic fluid, it is also called "eaux". In general, "eau" is used in the singular.

Contrary to some bold assertions here of course there are a plurality.

In certain idioms:

perdre les eaux (s. LolleFee)

prendre les eaux (a hydrotherapy make)

ager entre deux eaux

in fixed expressions:

une ville d'eaux (a spa resort)

les eaux usées (wastewater)

un dégât des eaux (water damage)

les grandes eaux (de Versailles): water games

Plural possible s. Http: // ...

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