Fresh meat for the dog?

Hey dear community!

I try my dog ​​to keep as humanely as possible and have often read that dogs could do with fresh meat. Others say "house dogs" are not wolves, so they tolerate meat not so good. I am a little unsure what concerns me at the moment the food my dog ​​in terms of meat: D He gets something now and unseasoned meat, however, lightly fried and not raw.

What is your opinion / experience? Greetings GinnyLivi

The best answer

We Barfen again. We also have Try dry food.

Dry food comes to me will not soon again in the cup. Such a crap. To give leckerli okay but otherwise .......

Our dog was very ill intestine time of dried fodder, really bad. Was die shortly before. Accordingly, they had also removed. After recovering, I naturally tried to feed it again. More added from food but get only 1 kg it and diarrhea she still had from time to time. So I turned around again. On BARF. Abruptly good!

My God were the kilos quickly strikes again. Sensitive stomach? Bloating? Bad breath and coat smell? It is since of the past. Even the incipient tartar is gone. Radiant teeth, no smell, no more puffs. Has finally a healthy weight.

I have dry food around the die do not get out. Also it was really hyperactive .... probably from the sugar in the finished feed. Since she gets BARF again it is balanced. Works again with good.

I had rarely seen in a diet change no matter what the animal as a massive difference seen between BARF and finished feed.

Really mad. With BARF Positive Only. And what beautiful little heap and not so often. Often, only one times a day. Finally the Kotbeutel fit again ^^

So the answer of Certainty is good and should follow the advice. Please Barfe your dog. So complicated is not.

Hello! Veterinarians recommend a diet mainly with commercial dry food and a small percentage of meat out of a can - also from the trade. I have a dog from the killing Mallorca - Image - to I eat well so

Also you have a "Nothund" added - respect.

One of blamabelsten matters of human development is that the word "welfare" had to be created at all. (Theodor Heuss)

All the best.

Dogs need meat and the best raw. Dogs are still wolves in terms of digestion.

some claim Dogs have changed a lot, but it could prove far none. The intestine is too short in order to use vegetable or cereal and meat gets healthy dogs (and also many sick) much better.

They tolerate meat super good when they get the opportunity to digestion to reinstate it.

Meat brings the dog by the way only what if it is raw, boiled or fried because it does not contain more vitamins.

Inform yourself just once over Barfen.


By appropriate nutrition you can prevent many diseases, since they in the first place caused by the wrong diet.

We Barfen for almost 2 years and have been able to experience a lot of improvements to Suki.

I can put it all only to the heart.

Hi my Quick gets the whole thing raw :) no problem if one pays attention to the right mix because dogs also still vegetable need Clazium and Co :) problem that Raw is in between, especially when the dog bekommmt an inferior dried fodder because the upsets digestion.

Everyone has a different opinion. I find a mixed diet well. Much cook yourself up, rice with carrots and Truthanherzen and liver comes to super!

the whole "inner" anatomy of the dog is still very wolfsaehnlich - especially the digestive tract!

since I barfe they -are my dog ​​top healthy and have tollstes fell.

Please feed raw meat and raw bones ... how are you'll find here or in the broschuere the Publishing House 3-dog-night ...

My "big" is now 15 years old and mostly weird for much younger eingschaetzt ...

Barf is the best thing you can do. Not now and then .... always. It iost muittlerweile detectable dfurch statistics that the dogs troz better medical care are less old. Namely, since the introduction Trocklen and pre waste.

Good food has about 50-70% meat, no grains, no sugar. With it you can pedigree, Frolic, Royalcanin, happydog, SELECT GOLD and other meistwe kloppen in commanding tonne.

Troxckenfutter results einemn faulty wasserhausjhalt the dog and can auzslösen problems in alternation and Magemndarmpüroblem and tooth. A Value Trofu would Wolfsblut or Orijen.

Something Better wet food. Here would be a good and Landfleisch bezashlbare election. But real nature is not bad.

Our Lienchen was poisoned and got 5 years specialized fodder, she slept 20-22sdtunden / day, unused medicine, wear incontinent ... Now she is gebarft for 1 year (because of the toxic effects Kompklexen we calculate the from professionals). Result: sleeping only normal, fitter more alert, has ideas, needs only 1/3 of the medication, no longer incontinent ... better is almost impossible.

For Lina we have the nem professional (learned among others Swaanie Siemon) can calculate. But there are certainly others who can do that. Read Otherwise books - there is a lot (always completely read in some comes at the end of even elementary important).

Totaly it comes down to what we say about eionen month everything in it is what Wuffi needs - the individual Mahluzeit is there rather subordinate

Change you can immediately do, only bones adjust only very little and watching the feces, dog must be because only it.

Our Tibioma (warped Nörgelfresserkönigin) has now formed Duch to feed finished garbage ne allergy - With Barf it would be spared an d she had 12 years not already 6 teeth less.

Barf saves a lot of money in Endefekt. It does not cost more than a decent finish lining and has less cost for the TA (gwerade aged dog)

My dog ​​gets regular dry dog ​​food and wet food. Meat she gets from time to time (partly cooked / fried because crude they do not like to), and it is also a "washed dishes" (it's gets leftovers such as rice, pasta, sauce, etc.), even if some do not approve , It is certainly alive, fighting fit, and has no defects.

the dogs could do with fresh meat

Do not need them. Good finished feed by a brand manufacturer is totally OK. With raw meat, one must be very careful in dogs anyway. Pork is absolutely taboo because of the Aujeszky virus, other meats can also raw fed pathogens transmitted.

lightly fried and not raw

As long as it has not become continuous gray, must it still as raw view.

Depends on the breed of dog but definitely need meat for the muscles etc;) preferably raw

Raw meat I would not feed as many animals then to poaching tend. (If there is a squirrel, deer, fox ... looks)

Treaties they would have but the risk for diseases (sarmonellen ... etc) is just great.

Brat or cook it, raw'd not feed ego.

If you want to feed your dog good buy expensive brand excellent fodder.

Good luck

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