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Hello unfortunately was my question deleted what I can not understand because I was just asking so. Well my girlfriend is now pretty pissed because our dog is gone now. But it's not my fault after all, I 've tried to capture him but he ran away from me and I had to work (was two hours walkies and he is being cut in front of me when I was on the way back.) I am even angry and sad , I was just totally shocked and angry at the same time as he just turned against me. Then I just went with a bad conscience to work but my job is important to me stop. but now is my girlfriend mad. Where could the dog be well? Should I buy her a new one?

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Why does one of a dog not available is off the leash! Gets the nearest animal shelter, at Tasso with the police printing flyers and distributed them

Hopefully the dog has new owners found. Purchase only not new - you just can not handle it. from No well-behaved dog just blows so! Eben way you wrote, you would be glad that he's gone because he goes on your nerves. You really should not have dog - never again !!!!!

I can not understand that that did not you given up at least one search alert at Tasso or the police and the shelter near.

Clear the job is important, but if you take comes too late because something important has come between them, you will not lose your job and the reason for this may be your boss only once regardless. Can have just overslept yes.

I would as a friend also pissed if my friend has acted so irresponsibly. To you I would entrust animal never and I think confidence ansich and faith in an adult would also be there.

Had you the dog does something you had been looking for him, or at least inform the friend, so they can control the search result, rather than simply run away.

The boss gets ne Krankmeldung and ready, the needs of the dog not to know.

Should I buy her a new one?

So the Troll suspicion is definitively confirmed.

If my husband would follow his daily routine after the dog he has gone donate, then I can tell you what I would do:

I would my dog ​​looking through veterinarians, animal shelters, search posters, Tasso, police and everything else goes. As far as I depended home again, I would travel bag or pack two and although the clothes my husband. This I would not ask him to the door and bye.

GSD would my husband not so heartless.

Where could the dog be well?

how should the one here know?

when a dog runs away, then agreed to police and shelter and then learns whether the dog was reefs! And that you should now catch up immediately!

How heartless are you ?? I think the dog search would have been more important than arbeiten..dein boss would certainly understood this ...

I also do not understand. And what does that put on you? No wonder when so heartless are. I would also be mad at you. But hey like. And a new dog to buy? This will bring nothing. She wants her back. And NEN other friend probably is.

Well you can verszehen that she's mad that ... although it should be clear that you have not done that on purpose .. Can give her even a new :)

You're sick! Your work was more important to you and now you are doing as if the no big deal ??? you're crazy

Please DELETE this question !! As the first well. Was already rightly so. Instead to hang out here enclose to search his girlfriend !!

Where could the dog be well?

dog heaven

Should I buy her a new one?

... in no case you !!! should get a lifelong dog ownership ban imposed because you have very irresponsible act against the dog!

And to ask such a question you Register at GF ???


I am surprised that your friend does not have the same taken her things and left you - there are certainly other friends the better deal with an animal than you

Other mothers namely also have beautiful sons

The dog is the only creature that loves you more than yourself! And you is the work important

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