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I currently have a major concern. I'm along for a while with my friend and before we came along he promised his ex-girlfriend that he guards her dog for four weeks as they move to the holiday over New Year. So far so good, but I have also a dog and has quite troublesome with strange dogs. We wanted the two on Friday put on a walk each bit closer but my sweetness did not want to put back in place and the two together in the same apartment seemed unthinkable. Now it's a very tricky situation for me, because we can almost never see each other, and if so, then I must give my parents my dog ​​overnight. I find this situation as unfair and have a feeling that I'm being treated unfairly. On New Year I have to give to my parents because I would like to spend the Happy 2015 him my mouse. Unfortunately my dog ​​is hard chronically sick so it could be that it is their letzes Silvester. I repent so because I have to adapt as and should totally play the clown somehow. He knows that it bothers me, but finds that he wants to go through now. Have a feeling that he thus his ex a do like, but rather harms me.

What do you think of this situation? Were glad to some opinions of you ...

Sincerely Sabrina

The best answer

You check before your bitch because you're jealous of the dog of the Ex. When the dogs see themselves frequently, then this works. You do not give up easily, but keep trying. If you love your friend, then you'll love the already some as creating and not only always see the negative in everything. Otherwise you have to celebrate New Year's Eve with your dog alone.

If he has promised that his ex, before you came along, you have there now just by! I think it is wrong to break a promise, just because you have ne new. This does not mean that he still hangs on his ex or you important, but that he just wants to help a man and he has her just promised. What should he do now? call his ex and say: "Hey you have to come back, I can no longer take care of your dog, because the dog my new friend does not get along with him?" Or even put the dog on the street? Is it stupid.

It's a tricky situation - for him. but that he wants to go through now proves that the man at least has backbone and his word! And that I think is a good thing.

I see the same as Matrix2k5 if you prefer using your dog spend time then do it and if it could be the last New Year's then time to spend just with your dog and your parents with your friend will you probably still can celebrate some Silvester ,

I find your views very selfish, where should because now the dog of the ex out to his ex he made a promise now cancel their holiday, just because Madame thinks to face so cross?

This probably would annoy 2 persons, nor cause it that it is a promise which he gave to break and you ruin your holiday!

What is that and why he hurts you, he takes the dog of the ex was probably already settled and why should now go and lock the dog of the ex away, he that would dog against the unfair, the opposite ex unfair just so you your will get ..

Sorry, I think he should stick with it and continue to supervise the dog, it is solely your decision with whom you celebrate and as noted above with your friend, then you'll probably still be able to celebrate some Silvester.

He promised her, to take care of the dog and of course he has to traverse the now. If you want to spend time with your dog, then do that. Your friend can not help it that your dog does not get along with other dogs.

I think you'll be very happy to have a friend who is true to his word. I would not want to have a friend who would his promise to take care of the dog, unable to meet.

Your friend keeps his Versprechen.Du also concerns that he is what his word steht.Wenn you to your dog should then you will stay on and New Year with him zumals be Gesundheitstzstand yes to be serious seems. It stands opposite the dog to his ex Wort.Stehe you now to the word you gave your dog.

think of it, just as he now ex treats his, he goes later, you should have time problems, to well with you. congratulate you to be a decent man! your parents will certainly be pleased if you slip once again with them and your dog `s new year. head high, you can still nachfeieren.

He is the ex before her promised together Kamt and keeps its promise now. I find that in character well. It is only for 4 weeks and so tragic, it is not to give your dog overnight parents.

Frankly, I find that he is right and you get up to you. But I am a man and see it might be more from the perspective of your friend.

Sorry, I saw too late with the disease of the dog. Then Sylvester with the dog. Otherwise, I can understand the friend but.

I can understand you, on the one hand, of course, especially since it is the dog of the ex-girlfriend. On the other side, but I find that your dog is a dog is still - chronically ill or not. Silvester you can with your dog anyway not celebrate like your boyfriend. Your dog now and bring to even a few hours to your parents will not kill you. but you could also the dog that is easy to give your parents at your friend. Then you have dog and friend with you.

Feeling that I'm being treated unfairly

you are quite simply jealous and the dog his ex. He therefore promised her you have to resign yourself with it. either you arangierst yourself with it or do you celebrate new year with your dog and your parents without your friend.

You belong to your dog when he is seriously ill. Everything else would be a shame. If your friend has promised something, he should keep it. Think about the fact that it comes to animals that were neither asked nor able to defend themselves.

Celebration prefer Silvester with your dog and family.

The friend must of course immediately cancel the holiday and take care of their dog, is clear. A man has to dance so kindly to the tune of his new friend what was shearing him promise that he has made out of his mind?

On New Year I have my mouse and my parents give because I would like to spend the Happy 2015 with him

Nööööö, nobody forces you to. Meet you ever stand on your obligations !!! It is your dog, and not of your parents.

Even if it's a stupid situation, I think it's from your friend really great that he keeps his promise even that which he has given his ex. She has since but also it left, otherwise she would not weggekonnt.

Sorry, but that's already a real petulant behavior from you. Rejoice dear, that you have a friend who is also to promise.

LG Melanie

Sorry, but I'd rather spend the evtl.letzten Silvester with my dog ​​than your friend. What interests you the dog his ex ?? YOUR dog is important! And on such a stressful day you have to be there for them.

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