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(Colleague of mine needs your help) He wrote: I was with my ex about 3 months along and we had a good time with a lot of beautiful moments vllt something beautiful I can not let go right, it does not feel finished at.

Have a few days ago with her conclusion made because I have learned that she betrayed me. 3 times with the same types (birds on sexual level, she said she would thereby feel anything).

She has it myself said because she did not conceal me longer they did not want to continue to lie.

I want to give her any second chance because cheating easy for me not to go and they will definitely do it again.

We still have slight contact by Whatsapp but nothing more. Now the problem is I can not get rid of it, we have planned a lot and all these beautiful moments and meetings I have to always remember how nice it was just ... And it is only now few days ago since the separation ...

Does anyone have tips how I cal * SSE here overcome more quickly and easily? I manage currently simply not I can not get rid of her, she was the first girl I've loved and I think I never again such a find, it was not slut this typical facebook she was intelligent and had the same interests as I plus a pretty etc. Just perfect for me.

what should I do?

The best answer

Helps you now no longer, but the good old saying "time heals all wounds"

true and it takes time until you're feeling better.

Igel yourself into a home, under take something with your friends,

maybe you have a best friend with whom you can exchange yourself.

You have to be distracted with colleagues go further celebrations do your hobbies. Because she betrayed you is a relationship no longer function as confidence is destroyed. You'll definitely better it can not be the correct else could they do not often cheated with another. make head up and continue to the right is determined

Well first let the contact. One probably helps a "graduation talk". Otherwise, it simply needs time, you mean yes, it is only few days ago ...

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