Friend does not want - WHY?


I am with my boyfriend (he is my second) now have 3 months along. My first relationship also did not go well with the grade Se *, since we first had what rarest and 2. He is always come early !!

In my present, it is so that he was a virgin before he after 5 weeks the gift made to be his first me. Previously, we had Trockensex u. Bit Pet ing what he enjoyed immensely. Now comes the chopper: He's really excited and have a very long prelude (in my opinion too long, but never mind), but he wants it, I think the prop Trockensex u Petting leave ... Add as 5-6 weeks... we had about 7 times Se *. ) =

I do not understand why he does not want to sleep with me ..? well be .. one reason could be that he fears for the future .. he is very afraid to impregnate me, as we both are still young (he 21, I 19) only once even want to secure our future and.. A child would destroy something (do not misunderstand PLEASE! Later we both want children. It would also be a great father).

Another; He is quite large. So he himself personally and his Pe * is. I am quite small, so I think even close. But that does penetrate to the up to now always very well worked. (Could it still be a reason that he would not like to sleep with me because it hurts him ???) =

I know really no other reason ... I just do not understand .. he is totally excited and he knows how irresistible I find him, love etc. Expect I also do not know much about him that he knows .. So that's all I ask he me leak * etc. I would simply like to 1x a week * Se. Or is that too much? -.-

The best answer

There are few rules for Se *, which apply generally. Men and women are very different. Fear of pregnancy could already be a motive.

It would be important to come to a common denominator. It is true that both sufficiently like.

Furthermore you should not talk to us but to him and in terms of prevention, you do not have it so create it, but you can share the gynecologist, the Caritas, ProFamila, ... or else leave where advice.

Ask him easy ... should be in a relationship actually be possible ... PS The vagina is stretchy ... PPS: Let you and him just time and not sit / him under pressure ...

Give him a cucumber and watch how he responds. It is important that you anguckst him exactly !!!!! If he is the cucumber, then he has been hungry

talk is always important!

So a girlfriend I would like :) How about if you just talk to him once? :) Helps best

Characteristic your problem ... dakann you just talk and hope that it brings what ....

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