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Hello, I'm 16 and my ex 17. We were only 1 1/2 months together. The first 2 weeks were really fantastically but then so after that he began more and more to me repel he wrote the first no sweet things more then he let himself megaviel time to answer then he asked Nachtreffen znd on my iniziative towards ever came only as a forced yes. And ultimately, he can not even greeted me. Draufhin I have a conversation where he wanted only he thought would have no time and desire a relationship. Just so cold and so the subject has then after a few words does not even come by themselves to me and tells me that it was only when I've addressed it and so well zubeenden a relationship was pretty stupid. Now he behaves fully comical course for verabschiedung we hugged us and yes then no idea what is now. Contact Demolition friendship? And respond it does me no longer. What I can not understand meet at our last we habrn even slept yet another kissed and now that. The easy only hurts. What are you doing so against lovesickness?

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Sorry but your own fault. Read over your text again by and ask yourself why. Completely ridiculous, "I can not understand ... yet slept together ...". Apparently you're completely infantile, otherwise I can not explain. Wake up you were used and fooled. Such girls rain on me, probably also're running around like anything and wondering why you were fooled. You might like to understand that some men just want *** and which are easy to get from the girls. You reap what you sow. So either you're a lady and verhälts you too so, then also Gentlemen interested in or that you are still naive can you ripped ****** and going.

but deflecting eg anime movies as where people are killed best super directs from or ecchi animes are to shoot believe me works wonders :)

Hay Julyy98,

I can understand your pain well ... me is the same thing happened last year. I enjoyed the time very comforted my family and friends through time. I have, after my girlfriend at the time made via SMS with me, immediately terminated the contact, and that has helped me in retrospect. Every time I even have seen them, I felt pain. That's why your best bet is always to look ahead, one day another man you will make even happier.

I hope I could help you a little bit :)

Your lovesick should even if the easier said than done of reality is soft un speaks a very clear language, and it is about this boy anything positive contained. It is possible that you abused your ex boyfriend even only speak for his purposes and you were deluded enough not to buckle. Therefore, you should rather be glad that it's finally over now and you reorient yourself again after a certain time. What could bring you contrast to other thoughts, which you have to test itself, which is on each otherwise.

Did he too early the get what he wanted? Then he has accomplished and is now trying his luck with another. In future only times check the partners through its paces before one permitting.

You are so young and in such a short time you can not call relationship actually.

Steering you off go out and do what you enjoy. If he sees it you okay without it, it will make itself thoughtless glaubs me! Even the woman.

Breaking off contact that you have not required. Distracting, I would say, with friends, family, etc.

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