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Anticipation, it is not a troll, joke, or the like. I was once so NEM types from my KLasse home because I went directly to him after school because I had about my conformation in its n meeting. Because we still had time to had we to take, we have to make angefanen homework. His dog comes into the living room, the boy sits down to and (no joke) brings his dog a down. He was pleased (the young) and smiled while saying, just look. I just was watching and simply done my homework on, I did not know what to do. he repays the often getahn because a good friend with him also Beginning to talk and the boy has my friend also shown there. Again, it is not a joke and my question: the dog feels now raped or somehow so or has the now somehow afraid of people or it would be him. Honest answers please.

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Hi, this is called zoophilia (bestiality). I guess he is himself confused and want to test by your reaction, as he arrives so. It should lead to a sex therapy counseling.

I find that really bothered, but sorry as you can afford it, the poor dog. Say the best times with the person

Had you times by the.

Is not so rare, and totally sick. In the Middle Ages was probably often. What do you mean why there are lap dogs ?! They were not just there to sit on his lap!


Characteristic also makes the abundzu with her dog. Ich finds disgusting, but one probably bruachen dogs that ?!

Honestly, I think that some animals like the real

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