Friendship + good idea?

I have since weeks an affair with a friend, he wants to keep it all secret and not enter into any relationship, frankly I am not in a relationship from but that's a good idea? Sex out of friendship? Without feelings?

The best answer

Read a good romance novel: Romeo and Juliet, Twilight or the light-darkness of TNP and then go again in you what you exactly want. And then you do exactly that.

I myself can say that usually never goes well .. ok vllt any ticks as different, but I had almost 2 years, friendship + with a boy and I have feelings for him developed, I do not know why, but when you get used to it which this one is always around you around and responds to you and intimate is with you, then, most women fall quite rapidly. If you're sure that he feels 0 for you, then let dear .. Not that you're suffering, really hurts. I think that I can not speak for all, in this case, looks probably everyone else, but I think the guys because otherwise tick as a girl ..

No, really bad idea. If he wants it only make, it will only use you. Affairs are more for celebrities whose mind does not always correspond to the level of awareness, and especially something for gossip magazines. If he is ashamed of something, he should not make it. This guy somehow not impressed me.

So no

If you can both handle it and that your friendship is not the way I see no problem. But once you yourself or the other falls should stop. This makes things complicated and possibly also the friendship broken. But if all this is not a problem, then go ahead;)

Friendship + is pretty much the most complex relationship that one can have. But it's not a bad idea

if you can manage independently without any doubt continue living then yes

Sex without feelings? Are you coming to you as before not used. As a woman I would me too good.

Because of that you you're you ask this question not convinced by what you do.

Men do not like women and taking advantage of it often, which are easy to have and drive it with everyone.

I'd cheap and exploited occur, most women feel afterwards alone and lonely, because they have to lean on a partner and have to love.

He wants it, you want a relationship but presumably him have fun, my God does not matter what others think of them as long as you both want it

Always only if it is ok for both.

No, because you've even doubt.

My goodness, you can not even simply fic k s without love ???

I she as a problem but only if both sides so comfortable ...

No it do not entwedwr he is ashamed to go with you or he wants only one thing.

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