FritzBox (7390) can be due to too low data rate.


have recently my DSL tariff from 6 to 18 Mbit / s geupgraded. A few days later I still had 6 Mbit / s ...

So I called and inquired how this can be the provider - but get the info that with me arrive at the Fritz box ca 18 Mbit / s.

I then looked up in the user interface and seen that actually reach 18 Mbit / s. Meanwhile, I've tried everything ... any setting in the Fritz box is checked (it is nowhere the download rate limits), made software update, etc.

Unfortunately reset complete is not readily available, since over the Fritz box and the phone runs.

Uploading is the way as it should be (and now even higher than before the upgrade).

Meanwhile, I'm pretty clueless and have no idea how I can fix it (whether a full reset would ever bring what I know, unfortunately, but not if there is no other way, I'll try)

Thanks in advance

- MrStickmanPro1

The best answer

Do you have a DSL splitter there? For IP-based connections, you can rid the splitter.

Otherwise start times Fritzbox new and enter the DSL access data again

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