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I had made later and wanted to hang out with colleagues but when I arrived there was another kolleg (1 year or older) I knew him a little bit and so it did not matter to me then aus.doch he came from behind and wanted to simply beat but I parried and says what is this? He says I had insulted his parents but I do not even know him and he hit just weiter.ich always denied that I did not have done it (which I do not really have done) I resisted getting off but he was a bit stärker.ich wanted no brawl I do not gerne.ich wanted was only to ward (he also has a lot of older colleagues) but I was finally wounded and I was so agro and yelled at him that I should have nothing gemacht.dann he said it would be enough if I may hätte.ich it also might have made anyone say what very put me under pressure, too. when I listen to the next time "had" insulted "anything that could be because I'll never make it so he could simply assert and beat me. And he hatt me colleagues before 2 speak of a colleague I was ..? Now comes the question in love. what should I do, I know he hatt me nothing prescribe but I'm afraid of what might happen Whenever I think about it I cry whom should I contact (except parents) thanks in advance

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I would immediately stands by the police witness with your own site, and there is also 24 hour hotlines because you can call

Ads! Teachers say (if you are in school) if not then boss, defend yourself from further and show that you're strong! Good luck

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He claps you and you do not show the on? Den I had already reported to the police!

Greetings, Dreams97

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