From FMS to the BORG with a triple !?

Hi I have I think a very large Problem.Ich visit currently the Technical School (10.Schuljahr) and have angemeldet.Ich me in half in a Bundesoberstufenrealgymnasium had no triple and was well received. Now my problem: I just find my notes:

German 1.LG 3 English 1.LG 2 and Mathematics 2.LG 3

I get in a mathematics 3 and can not change, am indeed went up in German and English, but a friend said I'm not going aufgenommen.Ich morning call the school, but maybe it knows one of you.

Thanks for all the answers.

The best answer

School call good idea but be careful prefer morning then the slightly better strikes and you have to have time to change what you as the evening / afternoon because phoning flat are and possibly have the secretaries feierabend

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