from how many years can you get stung seeking a Tatto

Hi me and my twin sister, we want to let stand a Tatto from how many years we may the with consent of his parents

The best answer

there are in Germany is no legal limit on age ago, but not sting many tattooer minor a tattoo and then in no case less than 16 or 17 - parents permission or not! and reputable tattoo artist sting in the old no name or put to visible!

In addition, both parents must togetherness tell her come under template of identity cards and at least one must personally with the tattoo artist and there receive a consultation!

With parental consent from 16 years. But please, it can and will wait until you both 18 since. If you want that then still can you let it sting you and since you will also certainly ;-)

Reputable tattoo pierce minors often no tattoos - parents or not.

Allowed from 16 with parental consent. A good, reputable studio, does not sting under 18s.

From 18 at the end you regret it yet ^^

Definitely with 16

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