From small motorcycle license for motorcycle license?

I want when I'm making the small motorcycle license 16 and if I'm the motorcycle license 18th Now I would like to know what I need to do to get the motorcycle driving license if I already have the small motorcycle license. So I have to again make an entire course or only a test drive or whatever you call it?

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16 years for categories A1

18 for the classes A2,

20 years for Class A when previously owned A2

21 for classes Trikes Class A

24 years for categories A

The light motorcycle category A1 has continued to 125 cc and 11 kW. What is new is the limitation of the ratio of power to curb weight of 0.1 kW / kg

The already known by the stage driving her driving authorization A (limited) is the new A2 class. The allowable power to 35 kW at a ratio power / unladen weight not exceeding 0.2 kW / kg was raised

Owner of the new class A2 need this after 2 years in addition to a preparation in a driving school also another practical test.

Class A is unlimited for all motorcycles.


If you have the A1 (provided that you have two years Vorbesitzt) you need when you're 18 only make a check (does not cost much) and you have the A2. lg

What is a small motorcycle license?

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