From the article Russia the Danes threatened with nuclear weapons ...

Have you read the random ?? Do you think there's something there? Make me now a little concerned about it? Why threatens Russia with nuclear weapons?

The best answer

The statements of the Russian ambassador to be clear when one realizes that a NATO missile defense shield is a threat to Russia.

This threat arises from the simple fact that under the cover of such a screen, a largely unpunished first strike with nuclear missiles is possible. A NATO first strike would have destroyed a large part of the Russian counter-attack potential, and the rest of Russia's retaliation could be saved by the missile shield. Thus the balance of terror would be repealed. The risk of being delivered a retaliatory strike, disappears on NATO side and slam the possible willingness first increases.

That is also the reason why Russia perceives this umbrella as an offensive threat to its security and thus my opinion is quite right. One can expect hardly that Russia follows the plates argument that NATO is an organization of peace angels and just want to defend.

So if Denmark participated in this shield, it is part of a threat to Russia and thus target for Russian countermeasures.

So simple and understandable is.

Have it read. There is no media propaganda, but an open exchange between Danish and Russian diplomats. It's saber rattling, but with a serious background. NATO takes the Russians to close, the Russians turn their voices heard through this demeanor. Ultimately, everyone acts a protective and instinct for power, but the error is not the Russians or the Dane: the errors we are - the people! In this respect, no fear, we do what we have always done wrong people on this globe. We are.

This is a premature April Fool. The yellow press N24 is known for cheap war propaganda.

What was that for an article?

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