From what time my dog ​​get dinner?

Hello! My dog ​​has now got so against 6am breakfast and a question about what time they must dinner? (She's Too Fat and I have the times comply)

The best answer

does not really matter, but who should decrease your dog, would be in the morning to provide the portion for the whole day and ONLY give this feed distributed in three portions, and even from this feed to use as a treat, the best solution ... secondly, should your dog get more exercise, may I ask how big and heavy it is? water treadmill, swimming, and easy perennial trot (a tempo that can keep them well over laängere time, is always good ... no gallop and jumps, harms the joints / skeleton that certainly is not too well muscled

since you have misunderstood something. the dog has to lose weight, no times comply .. swimming is good, long walks and seeking games especially ... diet food brings as not quite as much, but it helps on the day ....

Times, because obesity? Where did you get that? The only solution, less or eat healthier and exercise more.

You can actually eat the dog give whatever you like. My only get once a day feeding. Most at lunchtime but often not until the evening, or in between, sometimes morgends.

not the time makes dicjk or thin, the amount makes it

We always füttermn morgends after the first round gassi (in the period 6-11 pm depending on weekday) and abebnds sol against 18-1900 pm

That you do not really care because they sooner or later get the food anyway.

If your dog is overweight and should lose weight, then it procure for more movement, give him above all rational and humanely raised food ... and reducing the amount of feed to a minimum ...

It does not matter how many feedings the amount distribute ... Greedy eaters should be 2 - 3 times a day to get food - cozy not so greedy dogs 1 - 2 x get food ...

... There is therefore nothing to "keep time" for ...

It does not matter when eating there as long as the amount is correct.

the dog is only thick when he gets to eat much and too little movement.

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