From when exactly can you take a pregnancy test?

Hello. From when exactly or how many days after intercourse can you take a pregnancy test, which then calls a relatively accurate result?

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In a blood test provides reliable results at the earliest possible 9 days after conception. With a test strip you get a result after 14-19 days. A reliable result with test strips you get 1-2 days after the fail of the period.

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After a missed period, no matter how long the GV's been there;) The safest ists when you're used to test the gynecologist. Kam quite a few times before that the cheap drugstore tests were not reliable.

When it comes to the tests determine pregnancy by urine, then you already know in the second (putative) week of pregnancy take a test which is quite accurate.

The gynecologist, however, can obtain such accurate information already in the first week over blood :-)

Once your period ausbleibt.Die tests of today are so sensitive that they can show something early.

I had then taken him two days before my actual control and it was clearly visible. But this is simply different. Had the test of Rossmann

Already after a few days; depends a little on the circumstances.

As a woman you should, at least approximately, to know his fertile days. - First read the operating instructions before ..., "try to do only the dogs" (proverb)

After a missed menstrual period. Good luck in what direction for you whatsoever :-)

Quote Wikipedia:

The test using the test strip / -stäbchens held in the urine stream leads the earliest 14 days after the fertilization of the egg to a result with a reliability of over 95 percent.

From the first day after a missed menstrual period.

Once the period is late

Is not an old

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