From when I must walk with our dog?

Hello,: D I'm 13 years old and a girl. We have a Doberman dog, very loving, well educated etc. And I wanted to ask (because my mother says that until 14 I can go alone with her because if something happens paid no insurance) if that is true. Weis someone modest? LG and thank you.

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Conclusion: Look at the country Dogs Regulation Saxony and regulations of insurance. Your mother makes the opposite of responsibility you and the dog. You and the dog myself be hurt and often is a bad experience.

It has a not always walk. Playing with the dog in the house and garden. Since you can practice tricks, hide things do sports or just spoil. This can be even more beautiful than mindless stroll.

which is in the small print of pet insurance -often must do it there!

in which federal state you live? it often applies different conditions and for large dogs is often a so-called "hundefuehrerschein" or a proof about your expertise can -den necessary you usually only get from 16 or 18 years ...

For this you might like to read the valid for Saxony state dog regulation with your parents.

In NRW you must be at least 16 years old to a large dog (here applies 40/20 rule) to perform in public.

In addition, you should definitely check the fine print to read in your dog owner liability policy - it may be that there is a liability for minors.

There is just such regulations - but I can very well imagine that many a young person can carry a large dog better than an adult ...

Depends on the insurance and the country Dogs Regulation. If there no one pays, then I would not risk it. Your mum certainly their reasons and you do it such great things with the dog lady. Certainly you also have such a lot of fun and soon your birthday, and can keep with her walking. Large dogs can pull tidy, unfortunately there may soon happen, even if the dog is well behaved)

jaa-- there is even the possibility - depending on the federal state that you must be 16 - because of the size of the dog - please consider even the dearest dog can attack, you had no chance a purely physical ext. Get herauszu dobi from the situation.

ach..Pfff ...: D I go jedenn day with the dog my grandmother Gassi (she lives next to us) So I do not where you live but I think you bistv old enough ^^ (I'm even younger Oo)

I understand from 16 so only in "dangerous dogs"

I personally have something never heard in my life

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