from when the dog is mine?

Hi Guys! My brother has got a problem and although he scored a dog gift a few weeks ago, now want the old owners bring it back to what my brother does not want to, of course. From when it is his dog and the old owners can no longer call her him? Should the dog be chipped it? Thank you in advance!

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unfortunately this is always the big problem with "gifts" or a dog handover without a written contract. Of course agreements "handshake" are always valid, even a present immediately goes into "ownership" over - but in disputes you have that unfortunately can also prove.

To what extent a certificate issued to your brother called EU passport (vaccination certificate), a tax declaration or a notification in Tasso occupy a property claim, you can say only a lawyer.

Because if you take for example a dog for a time in care - could be the also register for tax or possess an vaccination certificate. And the dog at Tasso had not yet been reported, one could also because the dog login problems - but nevertheless you would have no right of ownership.

Mir is always not quite understood why such a thing is not laying down in writing - but that is no big deal and safeguard a just in case of problems.

And as a matter seems to occur more often - I often read here in recent times similar questions.

I express once fingers crossed


From the moment vo a purchase agreement or contract exists Schenk is the dog of your Brudes. But if your brother has signed a purchase agreement, he must be at least 18 years old and the parents must have co-signed, otherwise the contract ev. not valid.

Gift bestowed and bring back stolen. Well, it would be natural if he had any proof.

why one makes no contract?

is your brother volljaehrig? ye have with you logged the dog on the community (dog tax)? have vet bills you / vaccination card etc ..? is the dog chipped un registered with tasso?

From effective are the gifting. Meaning the people have said here, take this dog as a gift and your brother has assumed (unless he has full legal capacity, otherwise only with subsequently reflected parental consent).

Each dog should be microchipped, in Lower Saxony, he has to be shoveled

Gift bestowed, with immediate effect!

Who pays for the taxes for the dog?

Whose name is registered with "Tasso"?

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