From when you're big earner?

So, I have to ask these questions now.

one of my best friends earned his main channel on youtube about € 60,000 on his second channel 10-15,000 € and on its third channel scarce € Euros monthly.

these are now solely of social blade published disclosures that come his partner from her. all other channels in which he works with (5) are not scored, do not donate which enter also and the schleichwerbung in the videos. but this makes also a huge part.

also is his normal job not with it, his dj work and not his music that he makes.

Now he says he still does not deserve so much, but always drives with nem other auto before he has pleasure.

I come now (only by his 3 yiutube channels) in the month to 362,000 €.

I mean I deserve not bad, go also 2 expensive cars. but it is from this content big earner?

The best answer

How are things now with housing allowance and the employment office?

Yes, one could then call might

but there is no content, it is called sales, but its cost is relatively low well, I suppose

a normal trader would damt not as far forward

Dream on you 362,000 euros a month earn

362000 month? ?? it would be too much as youtuber self annually. No way

since it is not this friend, you'll also us can not say his name.

who drives equals 2 expensive cars, who knows what is a big earner :)

If one is great about 1.80m

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