Frozen pomees dog

Hi I was just outside and forgot to close the kitchen door and now have my dog ​​found when rummaging through the garbage can. the two have weggeschmissene frozen fries (was not thawed) eaten and wanted to ask whether it is dangerous

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Your dog might get diarrhea or other digestive problems gefrohrener fare. Most but nothing happens.

Carbohydrates not belong to the dog, but now you can do about it and nothing more. Just observe when he gets tummy rumbling and unusual behavior shows you should perhaps go to the vet.

My dog ​​would make such a thing, however, as to most, nothing. So just watch. =)

normally are french not dangerous for dogs (healthy but not, so do not intentionally feed it !!!), it may be the will vomit your pet because the fries were still frozen. it is likely to come only one or 2 charges per nose when the stomach the cold generating throws out. if the fries had played in the trash can and have already assumed room temperature is likely to happen.

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