Full blown dog learn the barking

Hi, I need your help:

my dog ​​is now 5 years old, and he can not bark on command. How can I teach him?

What do I do best?

Thanks for your support.

thank you

The best answer

Of course it depends on the dog. Some simply do not bark so much as others. I did it my brought in as I have encouraged him to bark. I just barked playfully and then he has imitated me. If he barked I said the word "loud" and praised him Doll. He has realized pretty quickly that when I say that he should bark loudly. A friend could not themselves incite to bark their dog. She has the moments used in which the dog barked on its own. For example, when the bell rang at the door. The dog barks, saying the personal command, praising etc. For most dogs makes it click pretty quickly.


With patience. Although I think a dog needs to learn any tricks. I've had enough when he dominated "Stop, sit, stay and come and walk".

My dog ​​is over 10 years old and Belt not on komando.

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