Fullips enhancer - Germany?

I have recently seen a fullips enhancer in instagram and was excited: D The thought that it would be available internationally from now. The fullips enhancer is an art lids, which makes full for a few hours the lips. Maybe someone knows more? Where I could herkriegen something? Have at ebay a Igia lip pump found, but do not know how it is, because I still could find neither opinions videos.

Has anyone experience? Thank you in advance. (Ps Please no stupid answers) Thanks!

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I bought my Fullips Enhancer here where

http: //m.ebay.de/sch/i.html _nkw = Seller% 3Amyamis-bp & isNewKw = 1 & _p ...

They were very nice and especially quick with sending. The have the price reduced even I see straight.

but I mitbekomme that one should be careful with whom you buy. The seller must have a number in order to sell the fullips allowed.

So you can check whether it is original commodity.

This merchant it was original.

I'm so sure if that keeps me not so long. You could first with a make up lids to try and then see the results. These things I have on the page fullips found and cost around $ 22 :)

I would also erstmalmit any deo lid or try to work just as well and is mega low

So I had my've ordered on ebay get all 3 + lipliner & so ne small toothbrush.

Look here after ... on ebay there are also in D

http://www.ebay.de/itm/231476782194?ssPageName=STRK : MESELX: IT & _trksid = p3984.m1558.l2649

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