Function Grade 4 with 2 unknown

The graph of a rational integral function f with f (x) = 2 / 3x ^ 4 - 1 / 6x ^ 3 + cx ^ 2 + dx goes through points B (1 | 2.5) C (-2 | -14). .. how can I select c and d ???

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You have here 2 unknowns and 2 equations, thus the task is solved

y1 = 2/3 of * x1 ^ 4 - 1/6 * x1 ^ 3 + c * x1 ^ 2 + d * x1 another equation

y2 = 2/3 of * x2 ^ 4 - 1/6 * x2 ^ 3 + c * x2 ^ 2 + d * x2 here are x1 = 1 and x2 = - 2 from the points B and C.

solve an equation for d and in the other equation einsetzen.Daraus arises then c.

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