Funding for the student loans 2 times the same education (even broken)

Hello people, I would have got a question (maybe someone had such a similar case). Unzwar I have 2010 decided my diploma in social and health services to make after I finished it in 2012, I went to the teacher training. Out of sheer stupidity, I then aborted this training after few months because I thought an economic study would be better for me. Am now in the 3rd semester and not come sorecht clear with the study, I thought I would even learn good hinrkeigen but unfortunately that folds everything not had imagined as I do. Since I am 22 and have not had any training in his pocket, I would like to again for the educator training (school) apply now. Had anyone ever such a case and know someone vllt whether I would get again for training student loans.

Before I forget my diploma was financed by student loans (as I had to move out of home) The interrupted education and study are also supported student loans.

Now I wonder as I would get even with a study exchange semester in the 3rd no BAföG more if the level of training is so (actually're alumni BAföG for students and BAföG two different offices responsible)

The best answer


best you ask the Office to directly.

That would be the second change. In my opinion, that's it then. The offices are different but nevertheless both is related. You must specify yes on FB1 where you have already received student loans and to ask the then on. The current office has always all documents (students student loans)

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