Funny Sounds in my room.

Whenever I go to sleep I hear at night screaming kids in my room what that might be if I go out of my room is nothing. About us in the 1st floor living children.

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As schizophrenia is a group of serious mental illnesses is called with a similar constellation of symptoms. In the acute stage of the disease occur in a variety of characteristic disturbances in the area of ​​perception, thinking, ego functions, affectivity, drive and psychomotor in schizophrenic people.

Try going to a doctor and let examine you.

Mfg :)

Under certain circumstances, auditory hallucinations are possible. I hear sometimes at night our doorbell, jump out of bed and look, but there is none.

That's your subconscious mind while falling asleep, just as you think you stumble over the curb and then twitches in his sleep.

I close paranormal phenomena from first, there must be a logical explanation. Or someone is looking for something on TV in the house and on reinforcements in the brickwork etc. the sound is strangely passed into your bedroom.

Evt. Time etc. a medium let him come! If the house is older what could be there! Or maybe the house stands on a Wasserarder?

It is possible that a loading or ventilation shaft is in your room or in the vicinity. Tubes for example can transmit sounds over long distances.

That would be a logical explanation if other reasons may be excluded.

Do you hear the children agree if you're beautiful, almost close to sleep or if you are still awake lying in bed?

May be that they are out to get you. Happened a guy from my old elementary school also - he disappeared without a trace, 2 weeks later, they found only the remains in a small wood.

Did demletzt "The echoes @ watched: P

Please respond to this no longer is a stupid question I asked you.


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