Fur discoloration dog - what does that mean?

Hey guys, A few weeks ago my dog ​​has strange discoloration around the mouth. (Russet-red) Covered beginning the come from feed - so that it can be washed off - but that was not the case. Before I go to the vet I wanted to first ask if any of you might know where that could lead. My Dog is a about 4 years, neutered mixed breed dog - breeds not known. Thanks in advance for your answers :) Lg

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When my dog ​​that looks the same. VII it comes from the saliva.

Had my Shi-Tzu bitch too, but she was healthy. This must therefore be nothing abnormal.

You do not have to vet that comes from the saliva and is completely harmless.

This makes I think nothing. Has my well. The blood flow is just a bit more. Mostly after walkies Go, or seizure ...

Perhaps the drooling.

Comes from drooling. The discoloration is often running around even on the toes of the moisture and can also there arise wherever he licks ...

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