furniture of Pocco well?

I want to buy nä month of furniture Pocco. Now, a colleague said that there is not a good quality. If the furniture of Pocco really not good ?? who say ?? it

The best answer

I've even a cabinet of PcCO bought has kept 3 years, and then he has worn Schich slowly I'm just einz to ihrgend when to use all times from

Hello, I bought last year a high-quality kitchen there, everything suppi and am still very happy, everything was set up and connected by professional, in every furniture store, you have to quality care, then you can also buy great Pocco, I'd always buy there again, let yourself be well advised and take your time on the spot.

Ikea is the quality viiiiel better have both structure / quality / durability / appearance

In most furniture stores there are different qualities and prices. If you are aware of "cheap" furniture buying, can naturally not be as good as better, but more expensive.

The furniture is like the price, very cheap.

you can / only buying as permitted by the Income it should, no matter where they are all mass productions from abroad, especially the youth change their taste, so you have something else / new ago

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