Füßgänger with dog crosses dark roadway 70 zone!

Today I drove from the university back home and also drove an unlit road 70. I saw on the right a pedestrian walkway with dog and I've thought nothing of it. But So I approached was suddenly a pedestrian who was crossing the road with his dog in front of me. The two were already trail on the right, so about another 2-3 steps from the walkway. I drove 70 course and was still fast enough to switch to the left lane. Who would blame if the pedestrian was hit ?! I was then mad at the Fully *** and had only cursed.

The best answer

You should not bother you so much about it. There are always people who are careless. Can happen to you also that you do not respond correctly or about viewing. Just always expect that other act rashly. The question of guilt is irrelevant because a struck pedestrian always has bad cards against a vehicle.

At the time I learned in driving school so: 70 is the maximum speed that you can drive in optimal conditions. If the conditions are bad (snow, fog, etc.) you have to drive slower. If you can brake hard time in the dark, you were too fast and get in an emergency a fault or at least part of the blame. Since you speak of sidewalks, I suppose it was a built-up area. Because you always have with pedestrians, children playing, etc. count.

Sorry you had to blame. You have to dodge an obstacle or can slow before. But your insurance would certainly make recourse against the pedestrian. After all, who with dark clothes walking in the dark by road, which is word literally not the brightest light.

§ 3 StVO is as relevant:

"1) Who drives a vehicle, only allowed to drive so fast that the vehicle is continuously controlled. The speed is particularly adapted to the road, traffic, visibility and weather conditions as well as the personal skills and characteristics of the vehicle and cargo. ( ...) It may only be used as fast, that can be kept within the overseeable route. (...) "

Popularly called one speaks of appropriate speed. You were too fast for the visibility.

was suddenly a pedestrian who was crossing the road with his dog in front of me. The two were already on the right track,

If the two already three quarters of the road had crossed that may not have been so suddenly. You were too fast, my impression is also not sufficiently attentive.

The debt issue is thus clearly established.

pissed at the full ***

Why you'll love offensive if you are ever not even on the question of guilt aware? The full *** was certainly not the pedestrian.

Who would blame if the pedestrian was hit?

You, because you had not kept to the vision driving bid.

Your insult of the pedestrian is also inappropriate!

Who could blame

The pedestrian and you. The dog can probably not to blame.

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