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As the title suggests, I have quite a problem with my dog: It is kind of extreme fodder jealous. He has his box, where he is always drinne in the kitchen. If you have food prepared, or be empty bowl still faces the box and someone (whether human or dog) enters the kitchen, he starts growling. Although he remains in the box, but often he attacks also. Sitting at the table and we eat and someone enters the room, he begins to gnash the teeth. Has anyone any idea how I can work off this behavior? He is usually in the kitchen, eat do both dogs at the same time, but they will not be left alone.

A few facts about the dog: Jack Russell Terrier, 2 years old. currently we make an exclusion diet with horse and millet, as he suffers from severe itching. He gets about 800 grams per day, with a body weight of 7.5 kilos. But he is very slim. He has repeatedly abdominal pain and bloating and scratch attacks. In 2 weeks is a date in the veterinary clinic. He is smart Castrated since December.

Important !: I am grateful for all the advice, but I will not beat my dog, or roughly handle, that is not to push down, yet snout handle. If someone wants to make just allegations, I am aware that it is a home-made problem. Thanks in advance!

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I'd always when someone makes something to eat and he does not quite dolle praise But if I really would not work a dog fetch trailer much better know each other since with out :-)

The dog crate in the kitchen set up is the worst possible place that there can only be. In living room or office .. would be better, definitely not where the feed / food stands or is prepared. The behavior of your dog will change by itself when you "banish" him from the kitchen.

Perhaps the körbchen elsewhere stand. If he "lives" in the kitchen he thinks vlt is his revier and is therefore so aggro

Only times as on the edge: please check let in the investigations, the function of the pancreas, or measure-as-so-ever ...

I can imagine that the dog around feeling uncomfortable ... Why does your dog in the box? Is it with you so common that he sits while her at the table, waiting there until there is food?

Maybe you can (if he likes the yes as his retreat takes) put in another room the box? ... Or in the hallway? Then you can leave the food bowl on original place ...

Does your dog because having to go up a rocket like erstreiten just to be food? he eats his food quickly and hastily?

Maybe you can turn this off if he only often the day gets very small quantities or if you feed him from the hand ...

First you write about a dog - and then I read of "two dogs" who eat in the kitchen ...

But you can actually even try to feed the dogs in separate rooms ...

There is only one: the dog can not be more in the kitchen! And if you eat it may no longer be in the dining room. If his box best in the hall or the living room. He must eat after you have eaten and are done in the kitchen. I would sometimes bring me the advice of a good dog trainer.

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